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Flat Roof Repair in Clark County Washington

Thinking about having a flat roof installed on your home? Flat roofs can give a home a distinctive and attractive look, however, if you choose a roof for aesthetic reasons alone, you could be in serious trouble when inclement weather strikes.

Clark County Roofing installs flat roofs on homes across Vancouver, WA. They’ve been in business for more than 50 years, and are dedicated to exceptional customer service to clients who choose them for their roofing needs.

Clark County Roofing believes a homeowner should have access to sensible advice and sound knowledge before making a decision with regard to the style of roofing they choose for their home. For that reason, the advantages and disadvantages of owning a flat roof in Vancouver, WA is listed here:

Advantages of flat roofs:

- Flat roofs, generally speaking, are inexpensive. From the initial installation to the maintenance and upkeep, the materials used are priced far below most other roofing materials, making them one of the most cost-efficient styles of roof for a homeowner to choose.

- Possible one of the greatest benefits to owning a flat roof is that the homeowner can use that extra flat space for a wide range of purposes, including storing, relaxing, gardening, etc. The installation of solar panels on flat roofs are not as noticeable from the ground. A rooftop garden can be planted and easily maintained. The possibilities are almost endless once you start thinking about what can be done with that extra space.

- Flat roofs allow a finished attic to be more accessible and more easily used for living spaces.

- Maintaining gutters, making roof repairs and taking care of other such jobs become much simpler from a flat surface. This is one reason why flat roofs are so popular.

- Low wind resistance due to the nature of its surface.

Disadvantages to Flat Roofs

- Having a nice, flat surface on top of your home does not come without its disadvantages. Drainage is always going to be an issue with a flat roof, and rain can puddle in areas, causing materials to break down or deteriorate much faster than a surface with proper drainage. This can lead to early leaking along seams.

- Flat roofs come with limited material options that generally have a short life expectancy. Although the materials are inexpensive and easy to install, they simply do not offer the longevity that other roofing styles offer. It is important to note that new flat roofing materials are being made available to homeowners, however they have not been on the market long enough to prove their worth. They come at a higher price than traditional flat roof materials and lack any history that could be useful.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to flat roofs. Clark County Roofing in Vancouver, WA is always happy to discuss your roofing needs and talk over the options that are available to you as a homeowner. If you have any questions, please call Clark County Roofing at 360-573-4986, and let a roofing specialist help you find the right solution for your home.