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Metal Roofing Repair Clark County Washington

Clark County Roofing has been around the Vancouver, WA area through the highs and lows of the economy for one simple reason- customer satisfaction that keeps them moving forward.

The experts at Clark County Roofing have been in the business for more than 50 years, serving the Portland Metro Area with quality installation of roofs. They’re proud to have installed residential and commercial roofing applications for thousands of customers.

There are several different roofing styles to choose from- and different materials as well. Clark County Roofing believes their customers should have a well-rounded understanding of what is available in order to make the right choice for their home.

It’s true that metal roofing is one of the leading segments of current home improvement. Homeowners are choosing metal roofing for their Vancouver, WA homes nearly 4X over the previous decade’s reports. One of the main reasons is due to the nature of metal roofing, and its ability to allow homeowners to purchase a high-quality product at a relatively low cost. Metal roofing provides value.

The Advantages of Metal Roofing:

- Long Life. Metal roofing can last upwards of 70 years, depending on the type of material that you choose and how much you are willing to spend. This is a product that has proven to the industry that it can meet performance expectations without fail.

- Durability. It’s not uncommon for metal roofing to sustain winds over a hundred miles per hour while taking on no damage. Metal roofing will not crack or corrode. The interlocking nature of metal roofing panels offers superior wind resistance that holds up under stress.

- Fire resistant. Metal roofing will not catch fire in the event of a wildfire or impact strike of lightning.

- Efficiency. Metal roofing reflects solar radiant heat, meaning reduced home cooling costs at a significant percentage.

- Planet-friendly. Choose from 25% - 95% recycled content material and recycle 100% upon the completion of your metal roof’s life cycle.

- Beauty- Metal roofing is high on style, and can match any existing home or community.

- Lightweight. Your home’s structural integrity is compromised by the heavy weight of other roofing materials- not so with Metal roofing.

The Disadvantages of Metal Roofing:

- Higher initial costs, although long-term costs can be considered overall cost-effective.

- Noise. While for many people, the sound of rain on metal roofing is music to their ears, not all people fall into that category. Installing additional insulation to combat the noise can add to the overall costs of the roof.

- Must be properly installed to breathe. Hire only a professional roofer with experience and skill.

- Color match issues with add-ons. Although this issue was once true of metal roofing, modern metal roofing materials come in a rainbow of colors and are more easily matched than previously.

Why not contact Clark County roofing in Vancouver, WA to discuss your roofing needs? Their experts can work with you to determine which type of roofing will best serve you as a homeowner. Call the office at 360-573-4986, and let the professionals protect your biggest investment- your home.