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Tear Offs Roofing repair Vancouver WA

Considering a tear off? Before you make the decision, let Clark County Roofing show you the pros and cons of roofing tear offs so you can make a better decision with regard to your roof.

Clark County Roofing has been in the Vancouver, WA roofing business for over 50 years, and appreciates the opportunity to help homeowners with roofing options. In fact, it’s just one more way that they like to give back to the community.

Re-roofing is often an ideal and cost-efficient solution when a homeowner needs a new roof. However, it does not come without a few drawbacks. While re-roofing can, in certain instances, be considered completely acceptable as an alternative to tear offs, in all cases, it is important to discuss this option with your roofer before making the final decision.

Benefits to tear offs:

- Your roof can be inspected to look for signs of water leaks or damage, infestation of bugs, mold growth or even rotting. Tear offs offer the homeowner the best opportunity to repair any damages or address any issues that are found, making sure that the deck is in the best possible condition before installing the new roof.

- Energy efficiency. Layers of shingles tend to trap heat within the layers, causing your air conditioning system to work harder than necessary to maintain the same level of comfort.

- Enjoy the full warranty on your new roof. Re-roofing can shorten the lifespan of your brand new shingles. Homeowners who choose to save money by re-roofing, will pay for their decision in the future by requiring a new roof sooner than they would otherwise, therefore they will never be able to realize the full value of the new shingles.

- Better aesthetic value. A new roof looks more professional and much neater than a re-roofing job. Homeowners who are looking for curb-appeal to sell a home might consider spending a bit more, as tear offs for their Vancouver, WA home offer the best result.

- Less weight. Consider the weight of two roofs on top of your home. The added weight can put an enormous amount of stress on your roof deck. Tear offs take that added stress off of the roof deck.

Drawbacks to tear offs:

- There is really only one drawback to a tear off, and that is the additional cost and mess of having to take off the existing layer, or layers of shingles. Many homeowners consider the initial extra cost as an investment in the future, since the homeowner can recover this cost in one of several ways mentioned above, and possibly more than one.

As far as the mess, the roofing company will clean up and haul the mess away, so it really only comes down to the matter of the extra up-front cost. Keep in mind that you are investing in the singular item that protects your home from the elements, and talk with an expert from Clark County Roofing, in Vancouver, WA, to make the best possible decision.

If you’d like to contact Clark County Roofing, please call 360-573-4986, and let one of their professionals answer all of your questions.