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In a time when excellent customer service has almost become a thing of the past, it is always refreshing to come across a company that still believes their customers are valuable. That was my experience with Clark County Roofing and its workers. From start to finish I was kept well informed of what was being done, while workers respected my home and property.
I am delighted with the results of my new roof! I appreciate the advice I was given before the work began. I was going to choose an entirely different style of roof that was not right for my home. I’m glad I listened to a professional and got the right roof for the local climate.
- B. Lindell

Our experience with Clark County Roofing has just been the best from our first contact over the phone. We had a lot of questions and were given useful answers to them all. We went from seriously considering a metal roof to knowing we wanted one for certain, with some help from someone more knowledgeable than we were. So glad we opted for the metal roof! We couldn’t be happier.
- G Bordelois

We decided to have the roof inspected instead of trying to get another year out of it. I suspected damage, but nothing like what was found during the inspection. It turned out, we were only a short amount of time away from major leaking. There was a lot of damage that couldn’t be seen from the ground. I hate to think about the loss we would have taken. We are not only grateful to Clark County Roofing for coming out on short notice, but were happy with the price and the new look of the roof replacement as well.
- A C Winnett

Very happy with the service provided by Clark County Roofing. I recommend them all the way around. I thought punctual contractors went out of style. I was happy to be corrected about this! I found Clark County Roofing to be hardworking, prompt, straightforward, and professional. The work was finished on time and my home now has roof that will probably outlive me. Thanks again.
- B Cromey

Old fashioned values and personal service. You can’t ask for any more than that. I was treated like an old friend when I called for the inspection. I decided not to have the roof put on right away, but that did not change the way I was treated. I was told to call back if I had any questions, even if I decided to hire someone else for the job. I hired Clark County Roofing on the spot and never regretted it.
- Alice B

I hired Clark County Roofing because their estimate was the lowest of several that I received. I recommend them because their work is among the best I’ve seen.. Best price, best work- I’m a satisfied customer.
- J Ronman