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Vancouver Wa Roofing
If you find yourself wishing you knew who did great roofing, Vancouver, Washington is a fine city in which to reside. Why? Because Vancouver is one of the places where Clark County Roofing does excellent and reliable work. We build brand new roofs and effectively restore existing ones. Contact us today.

When you require new Vancouver WA roofing, you should hire a roofing contractor who always uses top shelf materials and proper building practices. Vancouver WA roofing is an integral part of your house. Your house may well be the biggest financial investment you've got, so it just makes good sense to take care of your Vancouver WA roofing. There are a variety of popular roofing styles in Vancouver. Asphalt composition shingles are may be the most common type of roofing in Washington state. Asphalt is relatively inexpensive to buy, install and maintain. Asphalt Vancouver WA roofing is impervious to water and very easy to repair. Those are the upsides. The disadvantages to asphalt composition Vancouver WA roofing? It has a relatively short life span of only about 15 to 30 years. Asphalt Vancouver WA roofing also detrimental to the environment both during the manufacturing process and when asphalt roofing is dumped in local landfills.

Many historic homes in Vancouver have beautiful wood shingle, clay tile or shake roofs. Roofers will tell you that wood shingle or shake Vancouver WA roofing is expensive, but most people that have that sort of roof wouldn't want to have any other type of Vancouver WA roofing atop their house. Shakes provide more insulation than other roofing materials. Wood shingles afford the most natural look of any roofing material. As they age, cedarwood shakes turn to a lovely soft gray color which blends beautifully with most architectural styles. Call us today to obtain a free, no obligation cost estimate. Vancouver Wa Roofing
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9203 NE Ward Rd, Vancouver, WA 98682

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